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Change your coffee and enjoy the benefits.

I met so many people who asked me that how does our business work? How I do it? What kind of secret tricks do we use? And most of people said that It only works for pros. But I can refute this statement because I’m not professional either. So if I could do it you can, too.

This is why the DXN business is so special and functional. You don’t have to use professional tools. You don’t have to have special knowledge. You don’t have to have selling virtues. It is possible to build a very successful coffee business with such a simple tools.

How? You don’t have to change anything. Just replace your coffee with DXN coffee and drink it bravely with your family. Drink it with your friends. And drink it bravely in your workplace. In addition you can also offer them your favorite DXN coffee. You can rightly ask the question that Ok, but what is the deal for me in this version? The business starts when you share your experience with your coffee partner while you having a coffee. You tell to him that why do you drink this type of coffee. You tell to him that what can this coffee give to you. And you can also tell to him that what can this coffee give to him, too.

It doesn’t sound complicated right? Of course because trust me it works. This is the easiest way to reach the people and show to them you favorite products. You can be calm about that the most of people will be interested about it. Then the control is in your hand. 🙂 But if you need help then contact me for more useful “tricks”.

Fake businesses VS. Real, well-functioning MLM businesses

In this post I would like to write a bit about the MLM. Why people have a very negative opinion about the MLM businesses? Few days ago I heard a very appropriate sentence from a man who knows the MLM very well. “The MLM is like a knife.. A great tool if it used by a Chef. But it could be horrible if it used by a violent and unstable man.” I totally agree with this!

People used to say NO for more than half of the MLM offers. They don’t listen you. They just say no. But why is that? This is because that people has already lost money by MLM or they know somebody who has already lost money by MLM or they know somebody who knows somebody who has already lost money by MLM.

BUT! The other side of the coin is very important. There are many MLM businesses on the market that have products what gives value to the consumers. There are many MLM businesses where real, meat-and-blood people are working and they earn real money. The DXN business is like that.

I don’t think that every people have to work with MLM. But if you get an offer you should check that what is that business? What is the company’s marketing plan? How many members are there? Are the consumers satisfied? Who is that person who offered this opportunity to me? What is my opinion about him?

If you check all of these questions and the overall picture what you get is positive then probable you got an offer with a real, well-functioning and stabile business. So in this case you should think about that it could be worth to take the advantage of the opportunity. 😉

What are your travel habits?

Every people love to travel.. They love the feeling of travel they love getting to know the culture of other countries and the time what they spend there. People used to spend most of their saved money for traveling.

Nonetheless very few people can travel more than one in a year. Most people are happy if they can go on a vacation in Summer with their family. But on the other hand there are so many people who can’t enjoy their free days in Summer because they can’t do to go on a holiday.

Of course there are so many people, too who can travel a lot in a year. In summer they go to South on a vacation, in Winter they go to North to skiing and in Autumn they go to somewhere just because they can do it.

Every people can classify themselves in the right “group”. I can do it and you too. But in my situation there is a small but not negligible difference. This difference is that the most people can’t travel many times because of their job. But what about me? I can travel many times because of my job.

How? The DXN provides a fantastic and unforgettable trip for their business builder in every single year. But what is the best thing in these trips? These trips are absolutely FREE for us! I have participated in great cruise two times. I was in Dubai for a week also two times. And less then a month we are going to Malaysia.

If just the traveling would be the only advantage in this business it would be worthwhile to join. But I know besides that there are so many advantages in this business. But don’t forget one thing! This business is for those who likes coffee and who likes to travel. Did you recognize someone? 😉

What about your comfort zone?

The comfort zone is a very interesting topic.. People are talking about this a lot nowadays. So this became a very popular concept in the recent period. But what is the comfort zone?

The comfort zone is a status where the people feel good, comfortable and glad themselves. In this zone there is no stress, there are no problems and there is no onus. People feel the best here. Nonetheless they spend a very few time here. This could be because of their job or because of there private life or because of other reasons.

The clever and successful people are used to say that the life and the good things begins outside the comfort zone. Maybe it is true but in this case you have to choose your means. In my opinion it does matter that you decide that you go outside of your comfort zone to broaden it or your duties pull you out from your comfort zone.

Let’s find your means and opportunities in your days what you still like to do it even though it is out of your comfort zone. This is like the extreme sports. Most people likely to do something extreme sport. These people do this sport even if the weather is terrible and because of this weather conditions this activity could be out of their comfort zone. Why do they this? Because this is their passion.

Let’s find the passion in your job and it won’t be bother your that you are out of your comfort zone. I can gladly help you! 🙂

How much are you committed?

The commitment is one of the key of success!

I’m sure that so many people ask this question to himself. How much he/she committed to certain things? How much he/she committed to his/her family? How much he/she committed to his/her job? How much he/she committed to his/her favorite football team?

I also asked this question to myself many times. How much and which things I committed to in my life? I did so many job or task which I really hated.  I felt that I don’t want to work with these kind of things. In these cases the result always was disappointing. Maybe I didn’t achieve the result what I wanted or the time what I spent with these things was wasted time.

But on the other hand in those things what I did in full swing and in which I was committed I became successful. That is why I was tendentious and effective in these projects. I’m truly blessed that I found those things/persons/activity  in my life in which I can be fully committed to.

I’m committed to my family. I’m committed to the DXN and yes I’m absolutely committed to my favorite football team. 🙂

Let’s ask this question to yourself and you’ll see which things are the most important in your life and these things will bring success for you.

Great spring on the horizon

Although we’ve been in my favorite season for more than 2 weeks but the most exciting things are just coming for me. The March was fantastic at the beginning of the month. It was a pleasant spring weather and we started the month with a fantastic DXN birthday seminar in Budapest.

Unfortunately the winter is back but this weather won’t hinder our momentum. But on the other hand this weather can be positive for us because the next week we’re going to skiing so we can tune for skiing in this weather. 🙂

April follow the March and this month also will have so many exciting programs for me. In this month will be my birthday and so many good events and the warmer weather will make this fantastic season more exciting.

At last the most exciting program for me will be in the last month of spring. Why? Because in May we’re going to Malaysia for another unforgettable DXN TSIP. On the first day we will participate at the 25th birthday seminar of DXN what will be an extraordinary events for every DXN member. After that we will enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Malaysia and Thailand for 1 week.

I’m really tuned to spring! I hope you, too! 🙂