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Wanna play a game?

I have an impression that usually the people (including me) are lazy to read 1 or more pages of article. So I thought that I do an anonymous and subjective test for you and you can give answers under a couple of minutes in your mind. Many people have their opinions about certain things but think about that why do you think that? How can you change?

So let’s see the questions:

  1. How satisfied are you with your current life?
  • I’m absolutely satisfied with my life. Everything is all right!
  • I’m satisfied with my life but there are a few things in which I would change.
  • I have to change in lot of things.

2. How much free time do you have?

  • I have so much free time. I’m often bored.
  • I have an avarage amount of free time.
  • I don’t have much free time. I cannot rest.

3. How often are you online?

  • I’m available online very rarely.
  • I used to surf on Interner every day.
  • I always on the Internet. I can be available any time.

4. How do you like to work or How would you like to work?

  • I like if my boss tells me what I have to do and when I have to do.
  • I like when my relations are good with my colleagues and with my boss who doesn’t instruct me everytime.
  • I like if I could be my own boss so I work when I want and nobody instruct me.

5. Working alone or in a team?

  • Alone
  • In a team

6. Do you like traveling and see the world?

  • I don’t like traveling and I don’t have time for that.
  • If it’s possible then I travel but it’s not a prime necessity.
  • Yes of course! I want to travel a lot.

7. What are your relationships like?

  • I have few acquaintances and I have few friends.
  • I have lot of acquaintances but I have few friends and our relationships are superficial.
  • I have so much acquaintances and luckily I have lot of friends who I can trust.

8. How do you like what are you doing currently?

  • I enjoy what I’m doing. I enjoy all day of the week.
  • I am satisfied about what I’m doing but at the middle of the week I look forward to the weekend.
  • I don’t like what I’m doing and I hate the early wake ups.

9. Do you like the new challanges?

  • I don’t like the new challanges. The sure things are better.
  • Sometimes I try new things but it’s not typical.
  • I like the new challanges which are often motivate me.

10. How important do you consider the healthy life?

  • It’s not so important for me. My life is not so healthy.
  • I think it is important but unfortunately I don’t really manage to keep my healthy life up.
  • I think it is very important and I’m looking for a way to live healthier.

+1: Do you drink coffee?

  • No, I never drink coffee.
  • Sometimes I used to drink a cup of coffee.
  • Yes, I used to drink coffee every day.

I answered these questions when I decided to choose the DXN because the DXN gives these thing to you on long distance.

What kind of things do I think exactly? You can find it out here!

DXN Corporate video

This is a short video which shows why the DXN is the best choise for those who wants to live healthier and who wants to create a passive income and for those who wants to travel all around the world.

I. DXN Professional Day

In this weekend we could participate in a great event thanks to the DXN in the 500-seat cinemahall of Lurdy House.

We heard a lot of excellent presentation which spoke about presenting our products and about the product experiences. Although I am aware about the added values of the DXN products but this things are extremly impressed if it is being said by an experienced doctors who are in the business for more than ten years. At first Dr. Deák Sándor internal medicine specialist said that the medicines what are prescribed by the doctors has a very bad effect for our body and he also said that the dietary supplement capsules are much healthier for long time. The participants could learn a lots of amaizing information about our products what can give a stable base for a long life and healthy organization. This was followed by Dr. Csizmadia Beáta’s (new DXN Diamond) presentation about our hormonal and glandunar operating. She told that how to heal our inflammation with medicinal mushrooms. People don’t even think that the mushrooms in our products how effectively defeat our inflammation. But for me Bíró Anikó’s example was the most impressive. She said that her 2 and a half years old son who is taking the DXN detary supplement capsules regularly he was only once at the doctor since his birth. But this occassion just was a simply parental scare. In my oppinion these experiences are speaks for themeselves and shows why is it worth to choose the DXN.

These themes gave the main message of the event what is CARE! To care with our body, to care with my health and to care for each other. Maybe the last one is the most important what is supported strongly by the DXN. The DXN az Egészségért Alapítvány (DXN for Health Foundation) is support actively many sick children with the products of DXN. In this event we could hear 2 storyes about 2 sick childern. These moments were really emotional. Their familes or relatives shared with us that since they consume the products their health are countinously improving. This is why I am happy that I choose the DXN because I know that with what I deal represents value.

Naturally could not miss the accolade of the newly constituted what is always a very happy and motivated moment for the DXN members. But what is maybe the most important that the guest of our event was Mr. Jijith N.K. the marketing director of DXN. He announced that the next year Hungary will be the host of 2 monumental european leaders meeting what is could be a serious motivation for the DXN networkers to be more active and a serious opporunity to get more experiences from the DXN. The first event is the I. European Summit Meeting in Budapest(Millenáris Park) the second one is the 3 days long V. International Leadership Training Camp in Siófok (Hotel Azúr ****) These events will be a really useful, special and exciting for every participants.

We hope that in these events and the next seminars we will be together with you.

Our story

The DXN has become a part of my life eight years ago in 2008. Although even at this time I didn’t experienced the advantages of this exceptional company on my own skin just on my father’s. In 2008 he started a challange which changed the life of our family. DXN gave a lots of unforgettable memories not just for him but also for the whole family. This chance meant a serious financial progress for him. It was good to see that many people became successful who initially just looked at my Dad like lot of people when they hear the word that MLM.

I saw that this company can give an opportunity and motivation which is arouse the interest of the young people, too. The healing effects of ganoderma are recognized throughout the world and I also experienced what it can do in the human organization be a patient, health-conscious or athlete. Besides that we could travel to many places where we couldn’t go without the DXN. I met a lot of people whose success storys are like a film with happy end. So this is why I say that in this business anybody can achives big success who is presistent, enthusiastic and tendentious. I experienced on my own skin that it worthy to work in this company because the products of ganoderma are world class and the part of business is easy, clear and the success is guaranteed and the continously developing pruduct range is satisfies every claim.

This is why we decided with Judit that we start our own DXN business alongside the University because we have nothing to lose. Unfortunately we see that the opportunities are really minimized for the younger generation after school. But we think that the DXN can give an opportunity to the Y generation to live as they dreamed. According to our experiences lot of motivated young people made up the Y generation who are hungry for success and who are want to achive a successful carrier but even they don’t know how. So our most important message is that if you still don’t know what do you want to start yet consider the DXN as an option because it gives you a chance what is can help you to live your life as you loved to live. If you want to live your young adulthood in freedom or if you are older but you still don’t feel that you have found what you would like to do then you don’t have to do anything JUST

Join us!