Happy New Year

VI. European Leadership Camp – Slovakia

The summer is coming so fast again and we are getting closer to a newer great Leadership camp. After the highly successful leadership camp what was in Hungary last year for the first time in this year the home of the camp will be also in the middle-east Europe. So the event will be in Slovakia.

These days give a great opportunity to learn, to relax and for team-building for us!

To learn because in this event there will be the biggest marketing professionals who will speak about the future vision and plans of DXN. But on the other hand there will be the most successful DXN leader from so many country of Europe and speak about their story and their experiences.

To relax because this 3 days event will be in the very popular X-BIONIC Hotel that gives opportunity to sport, to wellness and to do some recreational activity and at last but not least to eat fantastic foods.

Finally this event will be very good chance for team-building because of our professionally organized team-building games what gives opportunity for you to make your business cooperation more effective and to meet with so many DXN member from foreign countries.

Come because it is going to be superb! 🙂 If you would like to know more details about the camp let’s contact me calmly.

Merry christmas and healthy new year!

During the christmas preparations I just want to wish a very happy and peaceful christmas and a healthy, successful new year to all of my acquaintances, partners and my potencial business partners.

Don’t forget the DXN products provides great help to your loaded body after the fantastic menus in this christmas season. 🙂