DXN Dynamic Day

Great opportunity during university studies

So many young people are struggling with the problem that they’re studying at university but they want to work, they want to earn money or just because they want to do something in their freetime. Why? Because they want to get some money what they could spend on themself in addition to the everyday needs.

I also struggled with this problem. I really like the specialization what I’m studying right now but I felt that I can’t trust just this. I must have another leg on which I can stand firm and what brings me a good profit at my university years and also my adult years. Of course I had a bit luck because I didn’t need to search so much because this opportunity was in my family. There was a good example that I can earn a very good money even during the university. So I started to work. And I don’t regret.

On the other hand the biggest problem is that these people really have the motivation for work but very few jobs gives the chance to share your own worktime and gives a good salary as well. That is also a factor what was important for me. I didn’t want to ruin my school performance because of working. So I wanted to work like this. And this is why the DXN was the perfect choice for me.

But maybe the most important thing what the DXN can give you is the stability. In DXN you can think in long term because the DXN is for a lifetime. For me it’s no question that it was worth it to start. The question is that do you think the same way?

Dynamic Day or how to be more dynamic?

We spent another grat day with the DXN because the company was organized the DXN Dynamic Day in this weekend. That event was a great chance to learn how to improve your DXN network.

There was so many fantastic performer for example Tonk Emil who is one of the best business performer in Hungary and we heard so many great presentation from many DXN Diamond like Bojtos Zoltán SD, Bussy Sándor GD and my mentor, my sponsor and also my father, Czérna Szabolcs CD. But what was this day about? It was about the motivation!

Lot of people start to do things in many areas of the life without internal motivation. Maybe they have a good external motivation but this motivation only takes short time and this is why these activity won’t be successful. You have to make your own internal motivation!

But what is my internal motivation? On the one hand the financial background of course because it is so true that the money doesn’t motivate you but the lack of money does. 🙂 Besides that the traveling also motivates me so much. Because it is fantastic that I can travel to so many wonderful places for ABSOLUTELY free where maybe I couldn’t without the DXN. But finally I really want to be my own boss. Because I want to be free. I want to do what I want, where I want and with the DXN I can do it while I live a high quality of living. So what is YOUR internal motivation? 🙂