DXN 2017

Merry christmas and healthy new year!

During the christmas preparations I just want to wish a very happy and peaceful christmas and a healthy, successful new year to all of my acquaintances, partners and my potencial business partners.

Don’t forget the DXN products provides great help to your loaded body after the fantastic menus in this christmas season. 🙂

Build a career from anywhere in the world!

I often think about that how important is it to be in one place because of my job? In my case this place is Hungary. But after a few seconds of thinking I realized that for me it is not important where I am. I can do this job from anywhere in the world. That is fantastic!

Thanks to the DXN’s conception of “One World One Market” the company works the same conditions and principles in every single country. So everyone could build business from anywhere. You could live in England or Germany or maybe on the Maldives you can still build a great network. Moreover you could be more successful if your business internationally bigger.

This is a great chance for people who forced to go abroad. Because with this opportunity they could create existence so it doesn’t matter the geographic border.

So share your time. Work as much as you want. Be successful and become a free man. Are you ready? Then let’s start it!

Great opportunity during university studies

So many young people are struggling with the problem that they’re studying at university but they want to work, they want to earn money or just because they want to do something in their freetime. Why? Because they want to get some money what they could spend on themself in addition to the everyday needs.

I also struggled with this problem. I really like the specialization what I’m studying right now but I felt that I can’t trust just this. I must have another leg on which I can stand firm and what brings me a good profit at my university years and also my adult years. Of course I had a bit luck because I didn’t need to search so much because this opportunity was in my family. There was a good example that I can earn a very good money even during the university. So I started to work. And I don’t regret.

On the other hand the biggest problem is that these people really have the motivation for work but very few jobs gives the chance to share your own worktime and gives a good salary as well. That is also a factor what was important for me. I didn’t want to ruin my school performance because of working. So I wanted to work like this. And this is why the DXN was the perfect choice for me.

But maybe the most important thing what the DXN can give you is the stability. In DXN you can think in long term because the DXN is for a lifetime. For me it’s no question that it was worth it to start. The question is that do you think the same way?

How much can you earn with DXN?

In this post I’ll writing about a very interesting topic. So many interested people and new members are very curious that how could they earn with this opportunity? In the beginning when I first met with the DXN I was also very curious and I often asked questions to the leaders who were close to me that how much can they earn? Fortunately for today I got and experienced the answers for these questions.

My situation was very advantageous because I experienced the financial opportunity of DXN much earlier than I started to work with it thanks to my family. So that is why it isn’t a question for me that it’s absolutely worth to work with the DXN.

At the DXN it is very great that the bonus system is absolute performance-based. So if you can work actively and effectively you will earn lots of money. But on the other hand if you wasn’t active enough your income won’t be so high. But what does it mean in the language of the numbers? I know so many great DXN leaders who earn thousands of euros. But on the other hand I also know members who aren’t active so their bonuses are not so much. But usually they don’t work with it commercially and they are just consumer. Finally I know “networkers” who absolutely aren’t active but they have some partners who are working a lot in this business so they earn a lot of money for them. So that’s why the DXN is great. Of course that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work but if you have some luck and you find a good partner in good time it could be really remunerative for you.

But one thing you have to know! There is no easy money. You have to work for your money but this money will be easy because of your invested work. Because your consumer will be very satisfied with the products of DXN and that’s why you will get a good money month by month. One thing is sure! I’m absolutely glad and thankful for this opportunity knocked on our door because it changed our life completely.

What can the passive income give you?

I usually used to meet a lots of questions about why the DXN better than the other job or how can the DXN give more to you. At the same time i really like to answer to these questions because i can tell so many positive and advantageous things in my answers.

What is it about? What are these advantages? For example the freedom, the financial independence or you can be your own boss. But i already wrote so much about these things. But what gives these benefits in DXN? The passive income what is unique in DXN.

But what i talking about when i say “passive income”? In the DXN we are talking about consumer network. So it’s easy to make a big network because the coffee and the nutritional supplement are daily consumer products. But what does it mean to us? Continous income in every single month. That is the passive income!

But what does the “passive” means? It means that this income will be yours in every month because you have a satisfied consumer circle and this is guaranteed in DXN because the products work. This is proved by millions of satisfied customers.

I think it’s worth a try! What do you think? 😉

What is the ideal job?

One of the most significant question in the life is that what is the ideal job? So many people philosophizes about what factors make a job ideal? But lot of company and portal held some public opinion research in this topic and these factors were the most significant.

  1. Competetive income
  2. Performance-based bonus system
  3. Extra benefits
  4. Internal career opportunities
  5. Good work team
  6. Corporate events (Family Day, Sportday)
  7. Regular feedback from the leadership about the job (praising)
  8. Flexible working hours and telework opportunities
  9. Demanding and well-equipped workplace or office
  10. Market leader place in the industry (proud feeling)

If we look these factors unfortunately very few people can tell about himself that his job is ideal. But at the same time I am very lucky because I can tell about myself that my job is very ideal for me. Why? I tell you!

  1. DXN can give an absolute competetive income to you. Of course this isn’t an easy money. You have to work for it but if you working well you will get a very good money what you’ll get in every month after that.  
  2. Lot of people criticize the network marketing system but the truth is that this system has the fairest bonus system. This payment system is absolute performance-based. So if you working well you will get a very good commission but if you aren’t active enough you won’t be glad with your income.  
  3. I can tell you the same about the extra benefits. In DXN there are so many extra benefits, for example the Car Incentive Program or the other performance rewards.  √
  4. In this point it’s enough if we thinking about the business levels or the sponsorship activities.  
  5. That point is also very simple. In this job every people chooses who he wants work with √
  6. The company organizes a lots of corporate events. For example the DXN Family Day in every summer or the big seminars or the European Leadership Camp what is due in every year.  
  7. If i see this point i also can tell that i am the best place. Basically the basis of the leadership activities is the praising, the motivating and the caring from the upline.  
  8. This point is also very simple. Maybe the biggest advantage of the DXN is that you can share your time with yourself. If it is an hour per day that is OK but if it’s 8 hours per day that’s also very good. Moreover you can work from anywhere you want.  
  9. This factor absolutely depends on the personal taste because everybody can work from where he wants. But one thing is sure. You can work in comfortable environment.  
  10. In the last point is also very simple. Let it be enough that the DXN is the 24th in the list of the top 100 direct selling company based on the incomes. I think that every colleague could be proud of that.  

After that the choice is yours about the ideal job but at the DXN these are facts what makes our job easier and more comfortable. 🙂

Dynamic Day or how to be more dynamic?

We spent another grat day with the DXN because the company was organized the DXN Dynamic Day in this weekend. That event was a great chance to learn how to improve your DXN network.

There was so many fantastic performer for example Tonk Emil who is one of the best business performer in Hungary and we heard so many great presentation from many DXN Diamond like Bojtos Zoltán SD, Bussy Sándor GD and my mentor, my sponsor and also my father, Czérna Szabolcs CD. But what was this day about? It was about the motivation!

Lot of people start to do things in many areas of the life without internal motivation. Maybe they have a good external motivation but this motivation only takes short time and this is why these activity won’t be successful. You have to make your own internal motivation!

But what is my internal motivation? On the one hand the financial background of course because it is so true that the money doesn’t motivate you but the lack of money does. 🙂 Besides that the traveling also motivates me so much. Because it is fantastic that I can travel to so many wonderful places for ABSOLUTELY free where maybe I couldn’t without the DXN. But finally I really want to be my own boss. Because I want to be free. I want to do what I want, where I want and with the DXN I can do it while I live a high quality of living. So what is YOUR internal motivation? 🙂

New reward trip on the horizon

Although we have known for little time that the DXN organizes the next reward trip to Malaysia. But in these days we got to know the accurate time and program of the trip. It’s fantastic that in the next May it will be my 6th holiday where the DXN takes its networkers for free.

After 3 luxury ship cruise and 2 fantastic week in Dubai the next May we’re going to another ship cruise in Malaysia where we’ll have some opportunity to check the most amazing cities of Malaysia. But the most important event is before this cruise what is the 25th birthday event of the DXN in Kuala Lumpur where the DXN also invites the european DXN leaders.

It is unbelievable that how many experiences and memories gave the DXN for me in these reward trip, But what is more wonderful? That’s just the begining of my way and many more experiences waiting for me. Not so bad, right? You can also taste is! 😉

Coffee for me, coffee for others

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the coffee means for the people. It has different and different meaning for every single person. But there is one thing what is same for all people. What is it? Every day starts with a coffee for most people.

So what coffee means for the people:

  • Day start
  • Vigilance
  • Good taste
  • Habit
  • Meeting
  • Relaxation

But at the same time a cup of coffee has lot of different meaning for people like me. Of course it may be because we working with coffee but it also may be because our coffee has lot of things that many people don’t know about it.

So what OUR coffee means for me?

  • Health
  • Financial independence
  • Travels
  • Opportunity store
  • Freedom

Of course I’m not saying that the features what is true of other people are not true of me, too but for me the last ones are the prevail. But what is fantastic in this story? Is that other people also can live with these opportunities. So what you have to do? Replace your coffee! 🙂

Job or Hobby?

If we look the title of the post the answer seems obvious if we have to choose from them. But what if this two activity is the same in people’s life? In this situation people used to say that if somebody working somewhere what is his hobby he is the biggest lucker.

I can say gladly that I found this job in the DXN. From one side this is a job because I have to work to earn money from it but on the other hand this is a hobby, too because I can do it with passion and happiness. But one of the biggest advantage that I can work from anywhere. That’s how it went in this summer. It is a big happiness for me that I could enjoy the hot days at the Lake Balaton and I could do my job under comfortable conditions. Many times I thought about it that what an opportunity we have in our hands.  I think that lot of people could enjoy their summers and also their weekdays like this. But I also remembered that why would I satisfied with that? Why not make it so much better?

So I’m sure that if I setting newer and newer goals my next summer will be so much better and our life, too. But what can I thank for that? For a company which would give you this opportunity too. But which is that company? It’s easy, the DXN!