9th birthday of DXN Hungary

How much are you committed?

The commitment is one of the key of success!

I’m sure that so many people ask this question to himself. How much he/she committed to certain things? How much he/she committed to his/her family? How much he/she committed to his/her job? How much he/she committed to his/her favorite football team?

I also asked this question to myself many times. How much and which things I committed to in my life? I did so many job or task which I really hated.  I felt that I don’t want to work with these kind of things. In these cases the result always was disappointing. Maybe I didn’t achieve the result what I wanted or the time what I spent with these things was wasted time.

But on the other hand in those things what I did in full swing and in which I was committed I became successful. That is why I was tendentious and effective in these projects. I’m truly blessed that I found those things/persons/activity  in my life in which I can be fully committed to.

I’m committed to my family. I’m committed to the DXN and yes I’m absolutely committed to my favorite football team. 🙂

Let’s ask this question to yourself and you’ll see which things are the most important in your life and these things will bring success for you.

Great spring on the horizon

Although we’ve been in my favorite season for more than 2 weeks but the most exciting things are just coming for me. The March was fantastic at the beginning of the month. It was a pleasant spring weather and we started the month with a fantastic DXN birthday seminar in Budapest.

Unfortunately the winter is back but this weather won’t hinder our momentum. But on the other hand this weather can be positive for us because the next week we’re going to skiing so we can tune for skiing in this weather. 🙂

April follow the March and this month also will have so many exciting programs for me. In this month will be my birthday and so many good events and the warmer weather will make this fantastic season more exciting.

At last the most exciting program for me will be in the last month of spring. Why? Because in May we’re going to Malaysia for another unforgettable DXN TSIP. On the first day we will participate at the 25th birthday seminar of DXN what will be an extraordinary events for every DXN member. After that we will enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Malaysia and Thailand for 1 week.

I’m really tuned to spring! I hope you, too! 🙂

A series of small decisions that determine our successes

The title can be illusive because in this post I don’t write about decisions. I write about a fantastic event. But for me the main thought of this event was that sentence.

What is this event? I tell you! At this weekend we participated in a birthday party. But that party wasn’t just a simple birthday party. In this birthday event 250-300 people celebrated something special. We celebrated the 9th birthday of DXN Hungary.

Amazing energies have rallied in this day. Starting from the beginning to the very end. Czérna Tündi and Szabolcs opened this fantastic show. They gave the basic sound with their appearance. It is hard to recollection how many important things we heard in the starting 30 minutes. Katona József who is the Country Manager of DXN Hungary drew our attention to the current changes that will benefits for the members in long term. Besides that he talked about some new products what will be available in Hungary in this year.

The first speaker was my dear father and sponsor, Czérna Szabolcs. 🙂 In his presentation he presented his own 9 years in this business. He told that which things or occasions motivated him the most and which years have been the breakthrough for him.

After that the next speaker was Maráz Zsuzsanna who is a very successful ultra runner. She impressed us not just with her appearance but also with her amazing stories and videos. She fulfilled twice the Spartathlon 246 km distance. That motivated so many participant to move on. Because we do a lot for our health with DXN products but the sitting lifestyle and the sedentary lifestyle could cause problems in our body in long term.

The next important happening was the recognitions of the DXN ITSI qualifiers. It is a great feeling when you are recognized before 300 people especially when you achieved a great result. Those who will travel to Malaysia in May did excellent job in the last couple of years.

The first speaker of the afternoon was Szalay Ádám ex-TV reporter who is one of the most popular business coach in nowadays. He shared with us a lot of useful things. I was really impressed by his presentation. He highlighted that not a serious decision will bring the success for a people. The success is the series of a tiny but correct small decisions.

Last but not least the new Executive Triple Diamond Faragóné Keserű Judit shared with us that what that 7 years gave her. 7 years 7 diamond and a very high business level. Her speech was a great lesson that if you do that little thing every day to be successful you will surely reach your goals.

Of course we could celebrate so many new business partner because many new Star Agent and Star Ruby were born in the last couple of months. Besides that we could celebrate some new Diamonds or some partners who reached higher business level.

This day was about celebration but the job and the development doesn’t stop. Happy Birthday DXN Hungary! 🙂