Fake businesses VS. Real, well-functioning MLM businesses

In this post I would like to write a bit about the MLM. Why people have a very negative opinion about the MLM businesses? Few days ago I heard a very appropriate sentence from a man who knows the MLM very well. “The MLM is like a knife.. A great tool if it used by a Chef. But it could be horrible if it used by a violent and unstable man.” I totally agree with this!

People used to say NO for more than half of the MLM offers. They don’t listen you. They just say no. But why is that? This is because that people has already lost money by MLM or they know somebody who has already lost money by MLM or they know somebody who knows somebody who has already lost money by MLM.

BUT! The other side of the coin is very important. There are many MLM businesses on the market that have products what gives value to the consumers. There are many MLM businesses where real, meat-and-blood people are working and they earn real money. The DXN business is like that.

I don’t think that every people have to work with MLM. But if you get an offer you should check that what is that business? What is the company’s marketing plan? How many members are there? Are the consumers satisfied? Who is that person who offered this opportunity to me? What is my opinion about him?

If you check all of these questions and the overall picture what you get is positive then probable you got an offer with a real, well-functioning and stabile business. So in this case you should think about that it could be worth to take the advantage of the opportunity. 😉

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