What are your travel habits?

Every people love to travel.. They love the feeling of travel they love getting to know the culture of other countries and the time what they spend there. People used to spend most of their saved money for traveling.

Nonetheless very few people can travel more than one in a year. Most people are happy if they can go on a vacation in Summer with their family. But on the other hand there are so many people who can’t enjoy their free days in Summer because they can’t do to go on a holiday.

Of course there are so many people, too who can travel a lot in a year. In summer they go to South on a vacation, in Winter they go to North to skiing and in Autumn they go to somewhere just because they can do it.

Every people can classify themselves in the right “group”. I can do it and you too. But in my situation there is a small but not negligible difference. This difference is that the most people can’t travel many times because of their job. But what about me? I can travel many times because of my job.

How? The DXN provides a fantastic and unforgettable trip for their business builder in every single year. But what is the best thing in these trips? These trips are absolutely FREE for us! I have participated in great cruise two times. I was in Dubai for a week also two times. And less then a month we are going to Malaysia.

If just the traveling would be the only advantage in this business it would be worthwhile to join. But I know besides that there are so many advantages in this business. But don’t forget one thing! This business is for those who likes coffee and who likes to travel. Did you recognize someone? 😉

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