How much are you committed?

The commitment is one of the key of success!

I’m sure that so many people ask this question to himself. How much he/she committed to certain things? How much he/she committed to his/her family? How much he/she committed to his/her job? How much he/she committed to his/her favorite football team?

I also asked this question to myself many times. How much and which things I committed to in my life? I did so many job or task which I really hated.  I felt that I don’t want to work with these kind of things. In these cases the result always was disappointing. Maybe I didn’t achieve the result what I wanted or the time what I spent with these things was wasted time.

But on the other hand in those things what I did in full swing and in which I was committed I became successful. That is why I was tendentious and effective in these projects. I’m truly blessed that I found those things/persons/activity  in my life in which I can be fully committed to.

I’m committed to my family. I’m committed to the DXN and yes I’m absolutely committed to my favorite football team. 🙂

Let’s ask this question to yourself and you’ll see which things are the most important in your life and these things will bring success for you.

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