Great spring on the horizon

Although we’ve been in my favorite season for more than 2 weeks but the most exciting things are just coming for me. The March was fantastic at the beginning of the month. It was a pleasant spring weather and we started the month with a fantastic DXN birthday seminar in Budapest.

Unfortunately the winter is back but this weather won’t hinder our momentum. But on the other hand this weather can be positive for us because the next week we’re going to skiing so we can tune for skiing in this weather. 🙂

April follow the March and this month also will have so many exciting programs for me. In this month will be my birthday and so many good events and the warmer weather will make this fantastic season more exciting.

At last the most exciting program for me will be in the last month of spring. Why? Because in May we’re going to Malaysia for another unforgettable DXN TSIP. On the first day we will participate at the 25th birthday seminar of DXN what will be an extraordinary events for every DXN member. After that we will enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Malaysia and Thailand for 1 week.

I’m really tuned to spring! I hope you, too! 🙂

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