Monthly Archive: February 2018

We are 9 years old!

In this March will be held the 9th birthday event of DXN in Budapest. So this occasion will offer lots of enjoyable moments, opportunity to learn and some great presenters within a grand event.

The time is amazingly fast! Last year we prepared for the 1st DXN Summit where we could listen the stories of the most successful DXN leaders and where we celebrated the 8th birthday of DXN. It seemed like it was just few months ago. But today we are getting ready for the 9th birthday event.

It is great not just because we are still here but a new year passed and we showed a significantly market growth again. I can tell you surely the DXN is one of the best opportunity in the area of network marketing not just in Europe but in the whole world. It is fantastic and we are still just 9 years old in Europe.

In that event will include performers on stage like Szalay Ádám who is a very popular TV reporter and one of the best business trainer in Hungary. Maráz Zsuzsanna who was the ultra runner of the year in 2016 and 2017 and who fulfilled the Spartathlon 2 times. Beyond them we can listen two great presentation from two really successful DXN leader. One is Faragóné Keserű Judit, DXN Executive Triple Diamond and last but not least Czérna Szabolcs, DXN Crown Diamond.

I will surely be there because it’s never enough of learning. Be there too and you will surely be my guest for a cup of coffee. 😉

Let’s open a Virtual Cafe!

In the last days I heard a great thought from my kind business partner. So that thought what I would like to share with you. This is nothing but the idea of a virtual cafe.

Let’s think about that what are we doing as a DXN networker? We try to send the opportunity of drinking healthy coffee to as many people as possible. So with this opportunity we can drink coffee together with our friends or with friend of friends from anywhere in the world.

I may have coffee partner from anywhere in Europe or from Asia or from other Continent. The point is that we could drink the same delicious coffee because of the same reason. But that’s not all. We get money after every single cup of coffee and we don’t have to invest anything.

We don’t have to rent a place or we don’t have to pay to employee but we get all the help from DXN. I opened my Virtual Cafe long time ago where so many people drink their favorite DXN coffee everyday. I suggest to you that open Virtual Cafe because it is a very big opportunity. 🙂

CLICK HERE to open your own Virtual Cafe or contact me if you are interested.

If you do something do with passion

I learnt lots of thing in my life but maybe the most important is what I’m going to write about to  you in this post. People usually start to do so many things but it is very rare when they are really successful in these things. It could be an enterprise or a new project.

People don’t know why didn’t they succeed. They often don’t think about why they didn’t succeed but on the other hand there are some good case when people thinking about what did they screw up?

The most important and the most effective mode of the success is the passion. If you can find an activity what you can do with passion you’ll be very successful. Because if you do something with passion you don’t deal with criticism and with other’s opinion.

You can use this concept in sport in your job or in the business building. You could be amazingly successful if you do with these activity with total devotion and passion.

Trust me you won’t be efficient with an attitude like “Let’s try it and see what will happen.” Because with this attitude you don’t even believe it is possible. But if you found that you can do it the with the greatest passion your critics will be surprised to see your success. 🙂

The effects of spirulina in the sport

What is the spirulina? I explained in my former post that what does this little tablet knows? But I didn’t write about a very important effect of spirulina.

Even during the Aztec times they have been aware of the positive effects of spirulina on physical performance. In these times the Aztecs could only get fishes very far. From the Mexican Gulf. Because of this distance they sent couriers for this task. These couriers often run 200 km in one day. In their short pauses they consumed a very hydrating update what was made of spirulina powder and water. This update helped them to regenerate their body and accomplish this very hard task.

Is that proven by the modern science? The question is rightful. But the answer is obviously yes! According to a study publish from Huang and his partners in 2000 the members of the Olympic team in China and Cuba consumed spirulina every day during in their preparation and before their competitions.

In this study the authors investigated the protective effect of spirulina on muscle injuries due to physical repression on rats. It was found that spirulina conception reduced the number of free radicals, increased the antioxidant superoxide dismutase enzyme, and significantly increased the level of physiological muscle enzymes diluted. Based on these information spirulina may be suitable for reducing the muscular injury caused by physical performance.

“According to a small study conducted by athlete spirulina may have beneficial effect on blood hemoglobin level, red blood cells and even the immune system.” (Miladius, 2004)

But now let’s see some opinions from very successful athletes who regularly used spirulina during their sport career.

Erwin Koeman, dutch national footballer, Netherland: “I use Spirulina simply because it works and it is 100% natural. I feel fitter, have a better resistance and recover more quickly after exertion, whether it is a heavy training session or a match. My last condition test showed clearly that I had more stamina than last year.”

Theo Verster, olympic swimmer, South Africa: “Spirulina gave me the recovery between sets to push even harder, improving my focus and boosting my immunity. It enabled me to fulfil the ultimate dream in any sportsman’s life…The Olympics! I am greatly impressed with Spirulina and from my experience there is no equal.”

The spirulina helped me a lot, too. Even when I played competitively basketball but also in nowadays when I’m not a competitive athlete. I couldn’t imagine a day without spirulina. Because it contains so much minerals and nutritious what can be a big “energy bomb” for the ordinary people, too.

If maybe you would like to try this fantastic nutritional supplement just CLICK HERE! 🙂

What did the 25 years old DXN give me?

In this May will be held the 25th birthday event of DXN (in our presence) in Malaysia. Because of that I thought that I gather all of my memories and experiences what the DXN gave me already.

Although DXN is just 9 years old in Europe I got so many fantastic things from this amazing company. I started my own DXN business just 2 years ago but my DXN story started much earlier yet.

Let’s start with 2011. In this year that was my very first DXN reward trip. This trip was an amazing luxury cruise where I could spend a great week with my father in fantastic conditions. We were in Napoli, Palermo, Barcelona, Mallorca, Marseille in just a week. Naturally in this trip I was just a guest thanks to my father’s activity but I immediately realized that it worth to work with this in long term.

In the next year, in 2012 I was able to take part in another great trip what was funded by DXN. Our destination was the incredible Dubai. That was the first but not the last TSIP where the whole family could go together totally free. New experiences, memories which provided us that it worth to grab this opportunity.

In 2014 there was another fantastic cruise on the board of MSC Preziosa. I could be with my whole family again and that was a big motivation for us. We were in Bari, Venice, Olympia and even in some exotic cities like Istanbul or Izmir.

In 2016 the DXN has provided a luxury cruise for its best networkers again what was also in the Mediterranean Sea. We could be there also with the whole family. In this cruise I was thinking about that I could also do this “job”. Why cannot I build a business like my parents? Why cannot I qualify myself to the next TSIP?

What I wanted to do was done in 2017. Another TSIP in Dubai. But the most important thing is I could qualify my girlfriend, too for absolutely free. We had a holiday that we will talk about for a long time. It was a great feeling to be in Dubai with my 4+2 member of family. We were together at the beach and we walked together in this fantastic city.

In this year we are going to Malaysia to another DXN reward trip because of the 25th birthday of DXN. This is a fantastic opportunity for me because I’ve never been to this country.

But what happened in this 9 years outside these trips? My family became totally financial independent and I’m also on that way. I can afford to be my own boss and I don’t have to depend on what I don’t want.

I’m 22 years old and I got so many things from DXN. But the most beautiful thing is that I know that I’m on the beginning of the road. Much more is waiting for me. I can see that the DXN constantly evolving year after year. It is very exciting to think about that what we could achieve with this opportunity. I grabbed! I can only recommend this to you, too. 😉

An ancient secret for the outstanding sport performance

In 1993 Chinese woman distance runners won 6 of 9 medals At the Athletics World Championship in Stuttgart, Germany in 1500 m, 3000 m and 10.000 meter races. They were suspected of steroid use and were tested. The results were negative.

According to their coach, Ma Junren, they had being running 25 miles a day and had been using Cordyceps mushroom. 1 month after this championship Wang Junxia who was a member of the Chinese Olympic team gained another recognition for himself and for the Cordyceps, too. She overwhelmed the woman’s world record of the 10.000 meter races in the Chinese National Games.

The Cordyceps is still in the central of the scientific life of the Western sport. Many research tried to prove or refuted the result of the asian researcher.

The most impressive research for me what Koh and their colleagues did in 2003Cordyceps militaris has been used extensively as a crude drug and a folk tonic food in East Asia due to its various pharmacological activities. Our study aims to investigate the effect of Cordyceps militaris fruit body extract (CM) on antifatigue in mouse model. Two week CM administration significantly delayed fatigue phenomenon which is confirmed via rotating rod test, forced swimming test and forced running test. Compared to nontreated mouse, CM administration increased ATP levels and antioxidative enzymes activity and reduced the levels of lactic acid, lactic dehydrogenase, malondialdehyde, and reactive oxygen species. Further data suggests that CM-induced fatigue recovery is mainly through activating 5′-AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) and protein kinase B (AKT)/mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathways and regulating serum hormone level. Moreover, CM-enhanced the phosphorylation of AMPK contributes to its antioxidant effect. Our data provides experimental evidence in supporting clinical use of CM as an effective agent against fatigue.

These are facts which support the greatness of the Cordyceps. This product is a big help for me in my weekdays because I usually run and train and the Cordyceps increases the blood oxygenation capability so I can achieve better results.

On the other hand the Cordyceps has a really good anti-inflammatory effect so you could support your immune system and your body if necessary.

It fascinates me every day because I feel their positive effects on my body. But if I just see these scientific examples I can tell that there is a fantastic product in our hands.


Cordyceps sinensis:The longevity and energy mushroom with history application for more than 3000 years.

Studies on the Antifatigue Activities of Cordyceps militaris Fruit Body Extract in Mouse Model

Advantage of consume network

So many people asked me that what’s good in DXN, how can I earn revenue from this. In one word how this system works? But the answer is very simple.

DXN has a lots of fantastic products which really convey value to the consumer because it has so many positive effects for the human immune system what many consumers have experienced. From the simple diseases ( flu, inflammatory disease) to the serious diseases. But these products gives opportunity to support our immune system, too.

Fortunately the last case is the most common. So in this case the people need these products again and again because they liked the products or they felt the positive effects of the products. Let’s thinking about so many products what we consume. If we really like a type of chocolate or fruit or any shower gel. We’ll buy it again and again if it runs out.

So that’s why DXN is great. Because they show off products in the market which satisfies the needs of consumers.

Just think that 83% of humankind drink coffee every day what means 14.000.000 dose coffee per hour. These are facts! Not bad right? 🙂

What is my mission?

We spent 2 great days within the first weekend of the 2nd On the Way Together program where we started to go on a way whose end is a definite development and increase. This is why we join to this program and we are absolutely satisfied with these first 2 days.

In this weekend we talked about planning and control values but for me the most impressive topic was the personal mission. I’ve never written down my goals and thoughts about my life, my job or about my daily activities. I always knew my goals but didn’t wrote down those at every simple time. But now this mission is hovering in front of myself in everyday so I can start my day with an extra motivation.

In my mission I wrote about my goals of private life. I wrote my mission of friendships. I wrote about my business goals. Last but not least I wrote about my mission in the area of sport activities. But for me the most important thing is to be an exemplar in all of these area for other people.

In my private life it’s important to have a harmonious, stabile background where I can live in so much love and where I feel good in long term. But maybe the most important is that could rely on it any time.

I would like to be a person in which my friends can always trust. I would like to help them If they need it or have fun with them if they want.

As a business builder I would like to be a humanly and financially successful leader who is authentic and reliable for the other people and who always give advices or help if somebody need it.

Finally I would like to be a physically active man who consumes the sport actively and passively because this area is very important in my life.

The daily/weekly/quarterly and yearly plan what we made in this weekend help me to work for these goals in my life. 🙂