Monthly Archive: January 2018

Another year & another travel seminar!

I got a fantastic news in the last week from DXN because after a few month that we got the definitive program of the Malaysian journey we got the place of the 2019 travel seminar.

After our trip to Dubai and Malaysia the next reward trip will be held in Europe again. The place is nothing but the Norwegian fjords with a fantastic luxury ship. It will be an amazing 8 days at this beautiful place under awesome conditions.

Naturally there is a very intensive and busy year before us but I’m sure that the hard work will bring the reward as it did in the last 5 times. ¬†Fortunately I have so many great experience about a cruise ship like this but it has a very big motivating force.

So my motivation for this trip is that I want to be there with so many mates from my team and provide them these fantastic experiences what I’ve been through. Would you like to be a part of this team? ūüôā

The latest issue of DXN Life Magazine is online

I’m very happy to publish that the latest issue of DXN Life Magazine was released last week what is about the most important DXN events from all around the world in the autumn.
You can read two interview with Edilia García who is the first latin Crown Ambassador woman and with Double Diamond Mária Koncalova. In the sequel you can read about the turkish roadshow what was held in October and the 3rd birthday event of Spain and the 4th birthday seminar of Columbia.

Besides that you can read about so many DXN events from all around the world. Like the 2 days long Greek seminar or the also 2 days long Slovakian/Czech seminar or the 1st camp in Poland what was in Olsztyn in the first weekend of October.

Last but not least you can read an article about the DXN Dynamic Day what was held in Budapest in October. This article is special for me because I wrote it. So let’s read with with so much love!

You can access the magazine the link below: