Monthly Archive: March 2017

“Ponzi sheme” or an unmissable business opportunity

Many people asked me that what did I do in Dubai last week because it wasn’t clear for them what I do and How could I go there. But when I started to told them what is the DXN some people asked: “Is that a kind of ponzi sheme?” But every time my answer was: Absolutely NO!

Unfortunately lot of people refuse any opportunity when they hear the word of MLM because many people have experiences about business where they invested with large amount because the company promised beautiful future and fantastic income for them but unfortunately they didn’t get back their money what they invested and they didn’t receive the fantastic future what was promised by the company. This is why many people mention on the same level these two business system.

The DXN is a business opportunity where the products are top-quality and where you could join even for free and the vision is absolutely motivated. It can be experienced at a close range that how quality life and freedom could give the DXN to their members. I met lot of skeptic people who’s attitude about the DXN was the same as I wrote in the previous paragraph but when they joined and recognized the system and products of DXN they changed their mind and nowadays they are successful DXN leaders.

I know that as a young student it won’t be easy to find a job in the labor market so I have to search the opportunities to live quality life and I already found this opportunity in the DXN. In my opinion the quality life has 2 condition. The first is the health and the second is the financial security. The DXN can give these conditions to everybody. 🙂

DXN reward trip 2017 in Dubai

Almost I dont realize yet that after 5 years we could spend 1 week in Dubai again we’re already at home and evoke the fantastic experiences what we’ve had. We participated a lots of unforgettable programs and tours what maybe you could follow on our social media. So I just writing a little report about our experiences for you.

First of all it’s good to see that the DXN network is firmly increasing in Hungary and also in Europe. It is great to thinking about that the first time when we were in Dubai by the DXN we were by a minibus for sightseeing but now we were by 3 big bus from lots of country. We spent just only 4 days in Dubai but it seems like 1 week yet because of the many programs. We were at the local beach next to the Burj Al Arab, we were at the top of the Burj Khalifa what is the biggest building of the world. We were to shopping at the dubai gold souk. We went to the palm jumeirah by bus to check the Atlantis Hotel. We could take part in a desert safari, we were in Abu Dhabi where we were in the Ferrari World and in the Sheik Zayed Mosque and there was a lots of amazing experiences what I could devide all day.

But why so wonderful is that? First because I could go with my girlfriend on the other hand we could go fully free because I was qualified for 2 people so the DXN paid the all trip for us. And although we are already at home but we are motivated than ever because we see the vision what the DXN shows to us for the future and we know that we could go traveling a lot every year by the DXN. The next year for example we are going to Malaysia for a luxury cruise. So this is a fantastic oppotunity for us and for the members too.

I think now you are thinking about how fantastic would be if you could go to holiday like this every single year. But you don’t have to think a lot because you can also join to us. You don’t have to think about unimaginable things or conditions because if we could do it you can do it, too! Think about it how fantastic would it be if the next years we can go to a holiday together what would be about the relaxing and about gaining experiences. I think that sounds cool! 🙂

Finally I made a little collage what is summarizing this few days. So if you are interested about how you could participate on a fun-packed holiday then calmly contact me or write to me and I’ll tell you with pleasure. 🙂