Monthly Archive: October 2016

Our story

The DXN has become a part of my life eight years ago in 2008. Although even at this time I didn’t experienced the advantages of this exceptional company on my own skin just on my father’s. In 2008 he started a challange which changed the life of our family. DXN gave a lots of unforgettable memories not just for him but also for the whole family. This chance meant a serious financial progress for him. It was good to see that many people became successful who initially just looked at my Dad like lot of people when they hear the word that MLM.

I saw that this company can give an opportunity and motivation which is arouse the interest of the young people, too. The healing effects of ganoderma are recognized throughout the world and I also experienced what it can do in the human organization be a patient, health-conscious or athlete. Besides that we could travel to many places where we couldn’t go without the DXN. I met a lot of people whose success storys are like a film with happy end. So this is why I say that in this business anybody can achives big success who is presistent, enthusiastic and tendentious. I experienced on my own skin that it worthy to work in this company because the products of ganoderma are world class and the part of business is easy, clear and the success is guaranteed and the continously developing pruduct range is satisfies every claim.

This is why we decided with Judit that we start our own DXN business alongside the University because we have nothing to lose. Unfortunately we see that the opportunities are really minimized for the younger generation after school. But we think that the DXN can give an opportunity to the Y generation to live as they dreamed. According to our experiences lot of motivated young people made up the Y generation who are hungry for success and who are want to achive a successful carrier but even they don’t know how. So our most important message is that if you still don’t know what do you want to start yet consider the DXN as an option because it gives you a chance what is can help you to live your life as you loved to live. If you want to live your young adulthood in freedom or if you are older but you still don’t feel that you have found what you would like to do then you don’t have to do anything JUST

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